Creating Forestry 2.0

Less volume, more value. We're on a mission to transform low quality fibre into high value products.

One facility can

Tonnes of CO2



Gas powered vehicles each year
Litres of gasoline
Hectares of forest worth of carbon

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Reconciliation through action. With our partners, Nak’azdli Development Corporation, we are currently operating a Research & Development Pilot facility on the Nak’azdli Reserve in the traditional territory of rights/title holders Nak’azdli Whut’en.

A commercial scale Front End Engineering and Design Study is commencing in Q3 2022.  

Our Technology

How we are building Forestry 2.0

Our core technology, Wood Modification, is a combination of mechanical and chemistry innovations. Wood is modified using our unique mechanical process and lignin compound. The lignin is utilized in rapidly drying, bonding and reformation of wood. Our process modifies the cellulose structure, creating a molecular fibre to fibre bond with desirable characteristics.

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