Our Story

A New Era Of Forestry

Our technologies were developed by residents of Fort St. James and Mackenzie, the heart of Forestry in BC. Implementing multi-generational learnings in forest operations and engineering, we figured out how to take wood apart and put it back together using sustainable methods. Our technology solves real problems and aligns with an ongoing industry shift. With commercialization we create a new Forest Industry – Forestry 2.0.

BC is in the grip of a declining allowable cut after the impacts of the accelerated harvest forced by various beetle attacks and disastrous wild fire damage to the standing forest. Deadwood Innovations offers a new way to compensate for those losses by utilizing low grade or unmerchantable timber and underutilized species, all of which remain in abundance on the land base. Many bioenergy and other biopathways have struggled to effectively utilize this resource due mainly to cost restraints and ceiling caps for finished products. BC sawmills are losing market share in their largest market and to compensate, are investing in US and European manufacturing facilities. Applying BC developed technology, we offer an opportunity to rebuild market share with superior and higher valued products, allowing the margin for added value from the low quality fibre. 

Provincial Funding brings life to Deadwood

Empowering Indigenous Communities

Reconciliation through action. With our partners, Nak’azdli Development Corporation, we are currently operating a Research & Development Pilot facility on the Nak’azdli Reserve in the traditional territory of rights/title holders Nak’azdli Whut’en.

A commercial scale Front End Engineering and Design Study is commencing in Q3 2022.

Our Technology

How We Are Creating Forestry 2.0