Deadwood Machinery
Our Technology

Wood Modification

Our core technology, Wood Modification, is a combination of mechanical and chemistry innovations. Wood is modified using our unique mechanical process and lignin compound. The lignin is utilized in rapidly drying, bonding and reformation of wood. Our process modifies the cellulose structure, creating a molecular fibre to fibre bond with desirable characteristics.


Applications In Development

Novel Engineered Wood Products

Trees not suitable for sawmills are transformed into custom specification oriented strand products. 

Upgraded Dimensional Lumber

Low quality dimensional lumber is upgraded into novel engineered boards.

Conditioned Biomass Fuel

Small particle size biomass is densified into high net calorific value solid fuel. 

Process diagram of Deadwood Innovations

Opportunities & Benefits

More Value

Transform non-saw quality logs into engineered wood products and eliminate the problem of moisture content in feedstocks that hinder the effective utilization of green timber residuals. The wood modification process is flexible, allowing production to meet and adapt to demand.

Carbon Avoidance & Sequestration

Alternative to emissions intensive uses of our target feedstocks.



Species & Quality Agnostic

Our processes have been proven with the vast array of species and qualities of trees in British Columbia.


Transportable & Scalable

Leveraging the previous point, the technology can be scaled to the fibre basket or feedstocks when coupled to a sawmill. One or all of the applications in development can be engineered to match a need.



Our Story

Giving dead wood new life and empowering indigenous communities in the process